Maintenance Of Fireproof Cloth After Use

- Sep 14, 2018-

Fireproof cloth is a kind of composite material, it is also very convenient to use, many friends have used environmental protection dust removal fireproof cloth do not know how to maintain, and then to share with you.

1. Fire-proof cloth should be cleaned in time after use, and then placed in the ventilation of natural drying, can not be placed in high temperature place, this will be bad for fire-proof cloth.

Fireproof cloth

2. The environmental protection dust removal fire-proof cloth should be cleaned regularly, otherwise it will become moldy after long use, and should be washed by hand when cleaning.

3. Place fire-proof cloth in peacetime, do not put it with sharp objects. If not, it will scratch the fire-proof cloth, thus affecting the normal use of fire-proof cloth.

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