Main Types Of Fireproof Cloth

- Aug 13, 2018-

Fire retardant cloth is often used in special industries. It is a special kind of protective fabric. The general fire retardant cloth is divided into ordinary flame retardant cloth and fire retardant cloth. What other types of fireproof cloth are there? Here you can find the answer.

Comprehensive flame retardant cloth: this kind of fireproof cloth can achieve the effect of non continuous combustion.

NOMEX fire-proof cloth: this kind of fire-proof cloth can effectively prevent static electricity, can shield the whole channel fabric, can be used as a fire-proof material at 200-1200 C temperature;

Aluminum foil fire-proof cloth: This kind of fire-proof cloth not only has the most common fire-proof performance, but also has the function of radiation protection and anti-illumination.

High silicon oxygen fireproof cloth: this kind of fireproof cloth contains up to 90% SO2, often used in aerospace and other industries, the highest withstand temperature as high as 1700.

Silicon-titanium fire-proof cloth: It is a kind of high-temperature resistant inorganic fiber. The content of silicon dioxide in this kind of fire-proof cloth is more than 96%. Because of its chemical stability, high temperature resistance, ablation resistance and other excellent characteristics, this product is often used in aerospace, chemical, building materials, fire protection and other industrial fields.

In addition to these types of fire-proof cloth, there are some types of fire-proof cloth we are not familiar with, if you want to know more, come to our regular manufacturers of fire-proof cloth to consult and negotiate!

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