Main Functions Of Fireproof Cloth

- May 06, 2018-

Fireproof cloth is made of inorganic fiber material with high temperature resistance. It has stable chemical properties and high temperature resistance. Its products are widely used in metallurgy and other industries. It has a precise structure, no irritation, soft texture and good flexibility, and can bind uneven objects and equipment.

The fireproof cloth can well isolate the fire point or the spark zone, better protect the object, completely obstruct the combustion or away from the combustion. It is suitable for the application of welding engineering, can resist the spatter of the spark, and play the role of the isolation work place. To prevent fire hazards caused by welding process, it can also be used as light isolation, and can help establish safe and clean workspace. The products of our factory can better ensure the safety of the life and property of the public. It is the key protection equipment for fire safety, and it is suitable for fire fighting in public places such as large supermarkets.

As a manufacturer of protective equipment, we know our own responsibility, while giving consumers better protection, the price of the product is more reasonable. Our factory is the choice of your misunderstanding!