Is Fireproof Cloth The Same As Flame Retardant Cloth

- Dec 25, 2019-

What's the difference between fireproof cloth and flame retardant cloth? I hope you can better choose the products suitable for you through our analysis. Flame retardant cloth is non combustible, high temperature resistant, sealed, non irritant, anti-corrosion, soft and durable in texture, convenient for binding uneven objects and equipment. It can well maintain the object away from the hot spot and spark area, and completely hinder or block the burning characteristics. The fireproof cloth can well maintain the hot spot and spark area of the object principle, and completely hinder or block the burning. Flame retardant cloth refers to the cloth that can automatically extinguish within 12 seconds after leaving the open fire even if it is ignited by the open fire. And fireproof cloth is a kind of special fiber fabric. Generally speaking, fireproof cloth is flame-retardant cloth, that is to say, it can be flame-retardant and flame-retardant.

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