Introduction To The Production Process Of Fireproof Aluminum Foil Cloth

- Oct 04, 2018-

Fire-retardant aluminum foil cloth is made of flame-retardant composite material. It has excellent structure, high temperature resistance, electrical insulation, oxidation resistance and other excellent characteristics. It can withstand high temperature of 550 ~1100%. Fireproof aluminum foil cloth can help protect articles and work areas, and resist the spatter of electric welding sparks. Fire-proof aluminum foil cloth is suitable for welding and other spark, fire-prone occasions, can withstand spark splash, slag, welding splash and so on, to isolate the workplace, separating the working layer, to prevent welding work may cause fire hazards.

Fireproof aluminium foil cloth can be used with different coating or composite treatment (PVC, chlorine tincture glue, silica gel, aluminium foil, etc.) to achieve different results: waterproof, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, oil-resistant, heat reflection, improve temperature resistance and heat preservation time. Vermiculite-coated fireproof aluminum foil fabrics or fabrics made of high silica fibers are recommended for applications where the temperature of the object is higher than 550 degrees Celsius. Fireproof aluminum foil cloth is generally softer and is more suitable for covering objects. Fireproof aluminum foil cloth with thickness less than 0.6 mm should be placed on the vertical surface, so that sparks fall off after the first contact, to avoid breaking down the fireproof aluminum foil cloth; Fireproof aluminum foil cloth with thickness greater than 0.6 mm should be used on the horizontal surface.

Fireproof cloth

Silicon dioxide fire-proof aluminum foil cloth 7678 fire-proof aluminum foil cloth 2678 fire-proof aluminum foil cloth 8699 fire-proof aluminum foil cloth 8692 fire-proof aluminum foil cloth rubber fire-proof aluminum foil cloth fire-proof aluminum foil cloth coating fire-proof aluminum foil cloth decorative fire-proof aluminum foil cloth fire-proof aluminum foil cloth fire-proof aluminum foil cloth water-proof fire- The aluminum foil fabric made of aluminum silicate made of glass fiber cloth and asbestos cloth has a temperature tolerance of 350-1000 degrees. Fire protection and heat insulation. Heat radiation resistance.

Long-term supply of various specifications of fire-retardant aluminum foil cloth, mesh cloth, fire-retardant aluminum foil cloth paper, fire-retardant aluminum foil cloth sewing line, aluminum foil glass fiber cloth, expanded glass fiber fire-retardant aluminum foil cloth, belt, rope, wick. All kinds of fiberglass tape, fire-proof aluminum foil needle-punched blanket, fiberglass surface felt, fiberglass winding tape, high silicon oxide cloth; all kinds of fiberglass cloth. Aluminum silicate ceramic fiber high temperature resistant fireproof cotton, plate, pipe, sewing felt; high temperature fireproof paper, silk needle punched blanket. Fire resistant aluminum foil cloth, belt, rope, brick. Hard fire blocking plate. Fire resistant cotton, fireproof board, fireproof paper. Fire-proof decorative board; fire-proof roll curtain, fire-proof bag, fire-proof belt, fire-proof ring, fire-proof material, fire-proof granular cotton. Silicone rubber fireproof aluminum foil cloth and flame retardant fabric.

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