How To Maintain The Electric Chain Saw

- Feb 27, 2020-

Do not tighten too tightly between the chain and the guide plate. When the electric chain saw is working, the last lubricating oil can be used in 10 minutes to maintain the guide plate and the chain. At the same time, the variable box of the electric chain saw also needs to be yellow glycerol once a year, and the motor must be replaced with a carbon brush frequently, about once every six months.

How to maintain the electric chain saw

The following conditions are prohibited to operate the electric chain saw.

1. When someone approaches;

2. Before the auxiliary personnel of building materials are evacuated to the safe area;

3. Unstable stacking of original bars in the operation area;

4. Insufficient light;

5. In rainy weather, the open-air field when the wind is greater than 5 and there is lightning;

6. There is no broken chain protection device and rebound protection device, or when the device is damaged.

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