How Many Common Cut Resistant Fabrics Are There?

- Mar 20, 2020-

The security and safety of security police officers are facing increasingly severe challenges. China's strict control over firearms has made it difficult to obtain crimes and turned to knives and daggers as its main criminal tools. Especially now that sharp knives are easy to buy, security police officers must always beware of the danger brought about by sharp knives. Because of this, security workers must protect important parts of themselves from sharp objects such as bayonets and daggers during the fight with criminals. Therefore, the anti-stab performance of protective equipment that security personnel can wear is very important.


Anti-stab suits are necessary protective equipment for police officers. They are generally composed of anti-stab chips and jackets. The main role of anti-stab chips is to consume some energy when the sharps, such as daggers, bayonets, etc., are stabbed at the wearer. 

The penetration of a sharp weapon to protect the life of the person wearing it. The existing anti-stabbing clothing can be divided into hard anti-cutting cloth, semi-rigid and semi-soft anti-cutting cloth and soft anti-cutting cloth. 

Among them, the core material of the hard anti-stabbing clothes is a hard substrate such as metal. Excellent, but its weight and rigidity have a large impact on human activities and poor comfort. Lapping and inserting plates require high technology and high processing costs, and the weight of such anti-stabbing clothing is generally heavy, usually greater than 3.5KG; 

Half Rigid and semi-soft stab-resistant clothing mainly uses metal and high-performance fibers as composite materials to achieve the purpose of passivated knives. It has good movement flexibility and comfort, but its production process is complex, production efficiency is low, and manufacturing cost is high. ; 

Soft stab-resistant clothing is mainly made of high-performance chemical fiber fabrics such as ultra-high molecular modulus polyethylene fibers as the core material. At present, it mainly uses multiple layers of high-performance fibers to stack. The thickness usually reaches 40 to 50 layers. It is not flexible to wear. Poor moist heat transfer performance can easily cause physical fatigue. 

In severe cases, there may be dangers such as heat stroke and high body temperature. There is still much room for improvement in wearing comfort.

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