How About The Hotel Fire Blanket

- Nov 05, 2019-

Glass fiber and textile, etc. There is a special treated glass fiber 12hs satin fabric, and the fire blanket has asbestos. It has a close structure and high temperature resistance, can well maintain the object away from the heat and spark area, and completely prevent combustion or isolate combustion. The thickness of the fire blanket is only 1.0mm, which can withstand high temperature up to 550 ℃. It can be widely used in the construction and repair of the ship frame in the shipbuilding industry; it can also be used in the heat insulation, insulation and welding areas of the metal structure in the petrochemical enterprises, showing a good adaptability for protection.

Fire blanket is a special treated (alkali free) glass fiber cloth with twill, satin and plain. Fire blanket is a special treated alkali free glass fiber cloth. The fabric is smooth, soft, tight and does not soothe the skin. Because the fire blanket is a very soft fire-fighting equipment, it can prevent the fire from tickling and control the spread of the disaster as soon as possible in the initial stage of the fire. It can also be used as a protective object to escape in time. As long as the stall is wrapped around the whole body, due to the characteristics of fire prevention and heat insulation of the blanket itself, during the escape process , human body can be well maintained. The thickness of is the most ideal and effective outer protective layer for people and objects that must be far away from the heat source body, and it is very easy to wrap the uneven objects on the surface. When the objects are damaged, they can be used repeatedly. Compared with water-based and dry powder fire extinguishers, a. there is no failure period; B. secondary pollution will not occur after use; C. insulation and high temperature resistance.

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