Home Decoration Must Choose Flame Retardant Cloth

- Aug 14, 2017-

Wire above the ZR logo, indicating that the fire-retardant wire fire board cabinets, case of small fire will not burn, the case of high temperature fire will not help to burn UPVC resin-based steel doors and windows, will not help burn, On the flame retardant sofa, the sofa will only appear a small hole.

Electrical lines should not be overloaded

Electrical circuit design is also part of the can not be ignored. With the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more people in the use of central air conditioning, to warm, oven, large chandeliers, spotlights, Yuba and other high-power electrical appliances. But most of the owners and small decoration company or decoration team did not understand the knowledge, the transformation of the circuit problems frequently. One of the most common is the line overload problem, such as in a socket on the multi-purpose plug, and then connect a number of high-power appliances. "This is likely to cause the line overload trip, and even the line burning fire, etc.".

Receptacles and lighting parts of the high temperature should be as far away as possible from the combustible material, or take insulation, heat and other protective measures to prevent accidents. "If the installation site of the spotlight has a wooden ceiling, in accordance with the requirements in the lamp and wood in contact with the use of flame retardant cloth, to prevent the temperature is too high caused by burning wood." Bookcases or wooden backdrops and other places to install spotlights Use a flame retardant cloth.