HMPE-5550 Puncture And Bite Proof Fabric For Hunting Dogs’ Clothing!

- Nov 28, 2017-


One of our Australian customer told us that he wanted to make clothing for hunting dogs, and the fabric need be bite proof, and can stand the bite from wild boar, so we recommended him our HMPE-5550, which is made from 100% UHMWPE, passed the EN388: 2016 puncture resistant level 4, and cut resistant level 4.


After testing the samples, and making it into clothing, he liked it very much, below is the picture from him. He ordered 10KG for his first test order. And about one months later, he ordered 50KG again.


The pictures show how we packed the 50KG bite proof/puncture proof fabric this time, just shipped out this week,  and hope he will get the fabric soon!

HMPE-5550 delivery.jpg 


If you also need any bite proof fabric for pet toy, pets bed, hunting dogs' clothing, HMPE-5550 is really suitable!