High Strength Flame Retardant Fireproof Cloth Fills Domestic Blank.

- Aug 15, 2018-

Recently, remember that the latest domestic development of a high-strength fire-retardant cloth products, has passed the application of a domestic space Department equipment test, its development, to make up for the domestic high-strength concession of fire-retardant cloth blank history.

High strength fire retardant cloth belongs to one kind of fire retardant cloth. It is made of canvas and plain cloth as raw materials, inorganic environmental protection raw materials, and processed by strict high-tech technology. The cotton cloth is treated with flame retardant to achieve the effect of non-continuity and non-smoldering. At present, the fire retardant cloth on the market mainly includes: cotton flame retardant cloth. Cloth, CVC flame retardant cloth, C/N cotton brocade flame retardant cloth and other types of flame retardant cloth. The development of these fire retardant cloth has successfully filled the domestic market of fire retardant cloth, and made the fire retardant cloth technology of our country take a big step forward.

As a new type of fire retardant cloth, high strength fire retardant cloth not only has super fire retardant and fire retardant properties, but also has the characteristics of waterproof, heat insulation, corrosion protection, non-toxic, harmless and so on. It is favored by the construction industry.

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