Good Fireproof Ability Of Genuine Fireproof Cloth

- Apr 07, 2018-

As a special industry and special type of protection fabric, the most popular fireproof material is fireproof material, and the fireproof cloth of the original product has better fireproof ability.

The fireproof cloth produced by the Hebei good faith fireproof cloth manufacturer has very high fireproof ability. It is made of high grade material with high degree of combustible degree. This kind of fire retardant cloth is also called fire retardant cloth. The fireproof cloth produced by the manufacturer is also divided into a variety of types, such as silicone rubber coated glass fiber cloth, basalt fiber fireproof cloth, acrylic fiber fireproof cloth, different types of fireproof cloth, its characteristics and uses are different. In many types of fire-fighting cloth selection, silicone rubber coating type fireproof cloth can be applied to the construction industry, and has high temperature resistance characteristics. The fireproof cloth of basalt fiber type is mainly used in industry, and can be protected under the environment of damp, smog and chemical gas, and can also be used as personal protective equipment. Acrylic fiber type fireproof cloth can be applied to families, public places, etc., and it can extinguish open flames and escape quickly.

Manufacturers produce different types of fireproof cloth according to the needs of various industries. Users who need fireproof cloth can choose according to the manufacturer's introduction.