Function Of Fireproof Cloth In Fire Fighting Application

- Oct 18, 2018-

Fire-proof cloth is also very good fire-proof effect, the general flame can not produce any harm to it, today's edition of this article, is about the product in the fire requirements of some of the use of functions, we will then have a detailed understanding of this product.

Fireproof cloth is widely used in different fields, and the product in the shipyard's hull workshop, for the completion of welding stations are practical, a very good use of fire, and its application is very wide. In the hull workshop, there is a very large number of products used up and down the dock for the transmission of welding stations from outside the factory, and many vacancies in this shop can effectively prevent the spatter of Mars can prevent the phenomenon of solitary light leakage. And the product is also used in entertainment venues are very much, than the original ordinary decoration can not play a better protective effect. And the product has high temperature resistance, at high temperature will not appear any harmful gases, has different effect of manufacturing lines.

Fireproof cloth

Fire retardant cloth in the use of the process has a lot of usability and advantages, so how much do you know about this product? This article is about the performance and characteristics of the product. I hope it can bring more help to you through these introductions. Flame retardant fire retardant cloth has the function of acid and alkali resistance, high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance. It is mainly used in chemical refineries and industries. It can be widely used in many automotive medical diving industries, especially through the processing of superior silicone rubber as the main raw material, and can withstand very high multi-layer. High-pressure resistant products, and this product is mainly used in the low temperature between minus 70 degrees Celsius to 280 degrees Celsius, its insulation performance is particularly good. And has very good ozone resistance, weather aging resistance, especially good service life, service life can be more than 10 years. And in the use of the process, also has a very high insulation, with chemical corrosion resistance, play a role in oil and waterproof, while a very high strength product, with flexibility and toughness, can be processed according to the needs of different customers.

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