Function Of Aluminum Foil Glass Fiber Cloth And Knowledge Of Fireproof Aluminum Foil Cloth

- Aug 11, 2019-

Aluminum foil fiberglass cloth is mainly used for heat insulation materials of cooling and heating equipment pipes, noise insulation materials of buildings, rock wool, glass wool outer protective layer, playing the role of flame retardant, anti-corrosion, heat insulation and sound absorption. At the same time, it can be used for anti-humidity, anti-fog and anti-corrosion packaging materials of export equipment. It can also be used for the protection and binding of petroleum pipeline, steam pipeline and other chemical equipment, playing the role of flame retardant, anti-corrosion and heat insulation. Main specifications: aluminum foil: 7-35 micron; binder: flame retardant; base cloth: glass fiber cloth (plain, twill, satin); thickness: 0.1-1.5MM. Aluminum foil fiberglass cloth depends on the quality of the fiberglass, in short, the invasion effect is good, whether the knitting is smooth, whether the thickness is uniform. Fiberglass cloth is generally divided into alkali-free, medium-alkali, high-alkali and so on. The choice of thin thickness generally depends on the requirements of the process.

Aluminum foil cloth

Fire-proof aluminium foil cloth can achieve different application effects after different coatings or composite treatments (PVC, chlorine tincture, silica gel, aluminium foil, etc.): waterproof, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, oil-resistant, heat reflection, temperature resistance and heat preservation time. It is suggested that fireproof aluminium foil fabrics coated with vermiculite or fabrics woven with high silica fibers should be used when the temperature of the object is higher than 550 C. The uncoated material of fire-proof aluminium foil is generally soft and suitable for covering objects. Fire-proof aluminium foil cloth is made of flame-retardant composite material. It has excellent structure, high temperature resistance, electrical insulation, and other excellent characteristics. It has high temperature resistance of 550 - 1100 C. Fire-proof aluminium foil can help protect articles and work areas from spark splash.

Fireproof aluminium foil cloth with thickness less than 0.6mm should be placed on the vertical plane to make sparks fall off after the first contact, so as to avoid breaking through the fire-proof aluminium foil cloth; fire-proof aluminium foil cloth with thickness greater than 0.6mm should be used on the horizontal plane. Fire-proof aluminium foil cloth is suitable for welding occasions with sparks and fire-prone. It can resist sparks, slag, welding spatters, etc. It can isolate workplaces, separate working layers and eliminate fire hazards that may arise in welding work.

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