Flame Retardant Fabric Flame Retardant

- Aug 14, 2017-

People have long recognized the danger of fabric textile burning. Salt (such as alum) is used to reduce the flammability of textiles, so that the textile has a flame retardant. Today, as most textiles are flammable, and in the surrounding environment, existing fiber polymers have a large specific surface area, so as to maximize exposure to oxygen in the atmosphere, so the above The danger is still with us. So the popularity of flame retardant fabrics and applications is still very important. Flame retardant fabrics are high annual sales are no exception, Europe and the United States for many years, solid procurement of flame-retardant fabrics such as flame retardant protective products.

Flame retardant fabric can be divided into two categories. A class of non-durable flame-retardant fabric, the general use of impregnation or padding process, can achieve washable 3 to 5 times the flame retardant effect; the other is durable flame retardant fabric, the general use of chemical methods in the fiber inside or Polymerization reaction, the general requirements to achieve more than 30 times the flame retardant effect. At present, most countries purchase flame-retardant fabrics are durable flame-retardant fabric. The production of flame-retardant fabric is characterized by strong strength, easy to break, durable, with high color fastness, soft and comfortable, according to the needs of customers Produce benzene flame retardant, Ciba flame retardant, low formaldehyde content, Non-toxic no smell, safe and reliable, comfortable to wear.