Flame Retardant Fabric Exports To Good Quality Inspection Off

- Aug 14, 2017-

Flame retardant performance is one of the main indicators affecting the quality and quality of flame-retardant clothing, European and American flame retardant safety regulations on the textile set up three levels of combustion. Level for the general combustion level; two for the medium combustion level; three for the fast and intense combustion level, this type of flame retardant fabric is considered dangerous combustible. As the third level of the fabric is easy to quickly, intense burning, there is the risk of fire, it is not suitable for clothing, especially children's clothing. So the clothing flame retardant performance is the most important aspects of the customer. Flame-retardant fabric export enterprises must be qualified to achieve flame retardant flame retardant fabric exports to ensure the increase.

In order to prevent China's textile fabrics accessories due to non-compliance caused by the decline in exports, more and more textile export enterprises pay more attention to the production of flame-retardant fabrics. The first is to master domestic and foreign technical regulations and policies. Export garment manufacturers to keep abreast of the importing country textile and garment flame retardant performance of the laws and regulations in the fabric production chain in strict accordance with the relevant requirements of production. Second, companies should take a good raw material procurement. Enterprises in the choice of textile raw material suppliers, suppliers are required to provide raw materials, flame retardant performance test report. Again is the first enterprise sample design risk assessment of pre-assessment, and strictly control the product weaving process.