FISP 2018

- May 09, 2018-


FISP 2018

Organizer: CipaGrou

Location: Centro de Exposicoes Imigrantes Brazil

Time Period: 3rd October to 5th October 2018

Cycle:  Every two years


The FISP is the most influential professional exhibition in the Labor insurance and protection industry in South America, which is held every two years.

The FISP2016 was held at the Immigration Exhibition Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which attracted a large number of professional audiences and buyers in the professional and Pan-South American influence of the labor protection industry. Exhibition area of 50000 square meters, a total of more than 860 exhibitors to participate in more than 50000 professional audience, from 40 countries and regions, of which from South America, North America and Central America, the majority of viewers, accounting for the overall trade audience of 70%, and other visitors from Europe and Asia. According to the exposition official statistics this exhibition has the decision-making power of the professional audience ratio is very high.



Exhibits Profile

Profile for exhibit includes Personal protection devices, Mechanical security systems, Technological protection, Security systems for office, residential and administrative sites, Information protection systems, Surveillance and control equipment, Communication systems, Fire-alarm equipment, Fire-extinguishing equipment and technologies, Chemical, biological and radiation defence, Specialised arms, Specialised transport vehicles, Medical equipment & services.