Fireproof Cloth Used In Construction Engineering

- Apr 30, 2018-

In the construction project, one of the measures is fire prevention, more fireproof materials, the fireproof cloth is one of the most representative, which contributes to the construction of the construction of its own strength.

As a factory specializing in fireproof cloth, we have gone through many days and nights. In this process, we have accumulated a lot of production experience, which made the technology of our factory be further promoted. This will provide more effective protection for more users and provide a safe life for the public. Environmental Science。 In the production, we use fine inorganic fiber, through a series of fine processing into the finished product of our life, it not only has the chemical properties of stability, but also in the high temperature environment to better protect people's life and property safety, so people are very happy.

The use of our factory products can be a good way to avoid accidents, even with a special invitation to contain the spread of the fire, to provide us with a relatively safe environment, if in the welding work place, this greatly reduced the accident release.