Fireproof Cloth Maintains The Safety Of Its Inflammable Objects

- Jan 27, 2020-

The new fireproof material is especially suitable for the place where there is spark or fire when welding things. The fireproof cloth can well maintain the safety of its inflammable objects. And fundamentally prevent its combustibles from burning. Because this kind of fire-proof material can effectively resist the spark flash welding and so on, it can play an important role in isolating the work place and putting an end to the possible fire hazard in the welding work. Moreover, this brand-new fireproof cloth can be made into the fireproof blanket used for fire control. It is an ideal protective tool for key units of public security fire safety. The fireproof blanket has been used in large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels and other public entertainment places.

Social progress, with the development of the times. All kinds of new fire-proof materials have been developed. The new fire-proof material - fire-proof cloth, which is a new high-temperature resistant inorganic fiber material, is precisely because the fire-proof material has its stable chemical properties, and has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance and ablation resistance. The product is not only used for fire protection, but also used for aerospace, metallurgy, chemical industry and building materials , fire protection and other industrial fields.

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