Fireproof Cloth Is Urgently Needed In Dry Spring

- Apr 01, 2018-

In an instant, the winter has gradually gone away, face toward us is spring. Spring is warm, everything is full of vitality, but the spring is also very dry. Therefore, fireproof cloth has become the needs of many industries.

In the northern part of China, spring is warm, but also accompanied by strong winds, dry climate and frequent fires. No matter ship or petrochemical industry, fire can happen. In order to avoid huge losses caused by fire, it is also necessary to use fireproof cloth. Fire-retardant and flame retardant cloth is made of special materials. It has fire-retardant and flame retardancy and will not burn in fire. It can prevent fire from spreading effectively and strive for more time for fire and rescue.

Some friends question fireproof cloth, think it will not burn, but face the high temperature brought by the fire, many things will be deformed, if the fire retardant cloth is also deformed, it can not play the effect of fire and fire retardant. To this point, the manufacturers ask friends to rest assured that fire retardant and flame retardant fabric is good at high temperature, even in high temperature environment will not deform, maintain the original form, prevent deformation and combustion, is a good helper in the spring drying to prevent fire.