Fireproof Cloth Is Environmentally Friendly And Non-toxic

- May 30, 2019-

Fireproof cloth can keep objects away from hot spots and spark areas. And completely prevent or isolate combustion. It is suitable for welding and other places where sparks and fires easily occur. It can resist sparks, slag and welding spatters, isolate workplaces, separate working layers and eliminate the fire hazards that may arise in welding work. It can also be used as light insulation, and establish a safe, clean and standardized working space.

Fire-proof cloth is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic special soft connection between the import and export of smoke-proof fan and smoke-exhaust pipe. The fire-proof specification meets the requirements of national non-combustible material GB8624A class composite sandwich material processing silicon-titanium alloy high temperature resistant soft joint, silicon-titanium bonded steel high temperature resistant soft joint, silicon-titanium fireproof soft joint, soft joint products, silicon-titanium bonded steel high temperature resistant square soft joint, silicon-titanium alloy high temperature resistant round soft joint, silicon-

Fireproof cloth

Silicon-titanium alloy non-combustible cloth is soft-jointed. Silicon-titanium steel non-combustible cloth can resist high temperature up to 1000 C. It is widely used in fan exhaust, building smoke exhaust, cement, power plant, chemical industry and enterprise high temperature gas emission and other fields.

Fire-proof cloth is a kind of special disposed fiber fabric, which has compact structure and high temperature resistance. It can keep objects away from thermal point and spark zone, and completely prevent combustion or isolate combustion.

Application: It can be widely used in the construction and repair of ship structures in the shipbuilding industry. It can also be used in the heat insulation, insulation and welding of metal structures in petrochemical enterprises, showing a good protective adaptability.

Fire-proof blanket processed with fire-proof cloth is suitable for fire-proof construction in large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels and other public entertainment places: such as welding, cutting, etc. The use of this product can directly reduce spark splash, to isolate and block inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, and to ensure the safety of human life and the integrity of property.

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