Fire Self Rescue Method

- Jul 17, 2018-

Fire is a situation in nature at any time. In many cases, it is likely to lose valuable life if it is not caught in golden time.

It is very dangerous for a lot of students to play fire, which is very dangerous for children, and it is very likely to cause a fire in this case. In case of a fire, keep a clear mind and leave quickly. If there is a fire when you go to bed, you must get out of bed quickly, get out of your room, do not love your finances, because precious time may be lost when you hesitate.

If the whole house is on fire, you must crawl quickly to the door, preferably with a damp cloth over your mouth and nose, then look for escape routes. If the fire is approaching the door, you must not open the door. If you open the door, you may introduce the fire into the room. You can consider escape from the window or other exits. When you start a fire, you must not lie under the bed or under the table, because these are flammable things that can not stop the spread of fire. The above content is provided by the Suzhou Wuxi Shanghai welding fire protection cloth Co., Ltd., which specializes in the production of fireproof cloth. I hope that these several methods of survival can help you.