Fire Protection Cloth For Circuit Protection

- Jul 05, 2018-

A few days ago, the ballast in the little editor's house was bad, and the black lights went over for several days. That day, the man was repaired. After all, he saw that they were still using a small casing to hold the line.

In the face of the question of small editor, the master of the repair power explained that in the course of circulation, you see these two wires, "soft if no bone", once a short circuit, the whole of your home circuit is paralyzed, the impact may be very bad at that time, we set up the small casing of fireproof cloth materials. The package has certain insulation effect, and it can withstand high voltage load. It can play a certain protective role to a certain extent.

After listening to the explanation of the relevant personnel, Xiaobian can not help feeling the profound knowledge of the knowledge in the circuit, but also ashamed of his poor sense of life. Then, after listening to our introduction, do you have a deeper understanding of fireproof cloth? If you want to know more about fireproof cloth, please call us for details.