Fire Proof Aluminum Foil Cloth Can Achieve Different Effects

- Jul 26, 2020-

Fire resistant aluminum foil cloth is made of flame retardant composite materials. Puqiante glass fiber products have excellent structure, high temperature resistance, electrical insulation, oxidation resistance and other excellent characteristics, high temperature resistance is 550 ℃ - 1100 ℃. It can help protect articles and work area and resist welding sparks.

If the thickness of fireproof aluminum foil is less than 0.6 mm, it should be used on the vertical surface to make the spark fall after the first contact to avoid breakdown; when using on the horizontal plane, the thickness of the aluminum foil cloth with thickness greater than 0.6 mm should be used.

Fire proof aluminum foil cloth is suitable for welding and other occasions where there are sparks and easy to cause fire. It can resist spark spatter, slag and welding spatter. It can isolate the workplace, separate the working layer, and eliminate the fire risk that may be caused in welding work.

After different coating or composite treatment, different application effects can be achieved: waterproof, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, oil-resistant, heat reflective, improve temperature resistance and heat preservation time. For the object temperature above 550 ℃, vermiculite coated fabric or high silica fiber woven fabric is recommended. Uncoated materials are generally softer and more suitable for covering objects.