- Jul 23, 2018-



Location: Paris Porte de Versailles – Pavilion 1

Time Period: 6th November to 8th November 2018

Cycle:  Every two years



The EXPOPROTECTION is one of the most influential professional exhibition in the Labor insurance and protection industry in the world, which is held every two years in Paris. EXPOPROTECTION is the largest labor insurance exhibition in Europe after the Germany A+A exhibition.

In the same period, there are security exhibitions and fire safety exhibition, which cover all aspects of the PPE field, while demonstrating personal protection, security and fire-fighting innovative technologies.


The EXPOPROTECTION is sponsored by the world famous exhibition company-Reed exhibition Group, and after years of development, the scale and influence of the exhibition are increasing, and the popularity has expanded to the whole world.



Exhibits Profile

1. Work Safety: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), occupational wear, protective clothing and tooling fabrics, accessories and spare parts, safety equipment and facilities, services and software.

2. Work Health: Medical products, rescue products, preventive products, hygiene supplies, ergonomics, catering and healthy eating, service and counseling.

3. Work Security: Fire protection, safety product equipment and systems, explosion-proof anti-virus devices, radiation prevention, air pollution, power safety, noise reduction products, environmental, mechanical safety equipment, transportation and vehicle safety.

4. Special equipment: emergency medical care, sewerage equipment, communications and information, media and training, forums and demonstrations.