fireproof cloth

- Jul 20, 2018-

The use of some inorganic fiber materials through a series of fine processing products is our often said non flammable fireproof cloth, this product has a very stable chemical properties, in the high temperature environment can also ensure the safety of people's life and property, so the fire protection cloth is a very popular product.

Non flammable fireproof cloth can prevent flammable objects from accidental occurrence, even in special circumstances to contain the spread of the fire, providing a relatively safe environment for people. For some occasions where welding is needed, fireproof materials must exist, because the probability of fire in these occasions is relatively high. If we have prepared fireproof materials in advance, the accident can be reduced to a large extent. Fireproof cloth can prevent the spatter of fire and the spread of fire. Therefore, for people's safety, similar fireproof materials must be prepared.

To see this, if you think that this product has only the characteristics of fire prevention, it is a big mistake. Single performance does not determine its status. In addition to its excellent fire prevention characteristics, it has excellent anticorrosion and insulation properties, so its application in power, pipeline and other industries is also very prominent.

Such a high performance product is essential. If you want to buy it, please come to our factory.