Dubai International Exhibition Center

- Jan 10, 2018-


Time Period: January 21st--23th, 2018

Location:  Dubai International Exhibition Center

Cycle:  Every year

Related industry:  Safety, security and health at work.

Scale: The largest and most professional Labor insurance exhibition in the Middle East


Exhibits range

Work Safety: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), occupational wear, protective clothing and tooling fabrics, accessories and spare parts, safety equipment and facilities, services and software

Work Health: Medical products, rescue products, preventive products, hygiene supplies, ergonomics, catering and healthy eating, service and counseling

Security aspects of work: fire protection, safety products and systems, explosion-proof anti-virus devices, radiation protection, air pollution, power safety, noise reduction products, environmental protection, mechanical safety equipment, transportation and vehicle safety.

Dubai Labor Insurance Exhibition Intersec is hosted by the German Frankfurt exhibition company, held every January in Dubai, the exhibition has developed into the largest and most professional safety products exhibition in the Middle East, which has a pivotal position in the eyes of exhibitors and visitors.   

According to statistics, participation in the Dubai Labor Insurance exhibition number of professional buyers climbed year after year, the development of unlimited potential. Since 1999, Intersec has been in the Middle East security protection field in the leading position, is the local labor security industry development trend presented in miniature.

Dubai is a world-renowned trade entrepot city, the trade industry is very developed, Intersec provides you with an excellent platform, designed to help you meet the broader business goals.  

The 19th edition of Intersec saw a participation of 1,304 exhibitors from 58 countries and welcomed 32,750 visitors coming from all over the world.

Intersec 2018 is expected to be bigger, more comprehensive and more futuristic!