Do You Know How Important The Fireproof Cloth Is?

- Jul 10, 2018-

I do not know that you have not seen the movie "escape birth day", this is a fire disaster as the theme of the film, after watching the film, feel that the fire is really too patted. In real life, fire is also something we do not expect to see. If we do fire fire prevention measures, it will reduce the damage caused by fire, especially in engineering construction, such measures are essential, and in these measures, the most important part It's a fireproof cloth!

What we call a fireproof cloth has a unique flame retardancy, which is used to wrap some more flammable materials, which gives the flammable material a good layer of flame retardant, in this case, even if there is a fire mystery, it will not cause too much later fruit. Besides the fire retardant and fire prevention role in the project, fireproof cloth plays an important role in wire and line. It can make the line insulated and can work normally under high pressure to avoid a series of accidents caused by the short circuit of the line.

From the above description, we can see that fireproof cloth is very important to us. If you think so, please come to our factory to buy this product.