Do You Have Any Understanding Of The Fire Blanket?

- Jun 13, 2018-

Do you have any understanding of the fire blanket? Fire blanket generally has a series of advantages, such as flame retardant, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, stable structure, high tensile strength and high tensile strength. Besides, the fire blanket has some other features besides its functions. Do you know? Follow up and keep up with it.

1. environmental protection:

This is a particular point to be paid attention to. Fire blanket, in the process of fire prevention, will produce harmful gas, cause the impact on the human body.

2. permanent:

The household fire escaping blanket is a product that once and for all, will not fail. If the fire extinguisher is extinguishing two times, the powder must be replaced once a year, otherwise it will not work.

3. ease of use:

Simple operation, convenient and practical, can be used by the elderly and children.

4. adornment:

It can be put into hanging bags, and can also be made into beautiful ornaments such as murals.

5. fire resistance:

A report on the evaluation of the finite oxygen index.