Development Of Flame Retardant Fiber In Flame Retardant Fabrics

- Aug 14, 2017-

Flame retardant fabric development more and more quickly, increasing market demand. The technical requirements for flame retardant fabric products are also increasing. Customers need flame retardant fabrics not only require functional, comfort and durability is put forward a new higher requirements. Which requires flame retardant fabric manufacturers to develop a new flame-retardant fabric products to meet customer higher requirements.

How to conduct research and development of flame-retardant fabric, first of all is a fire-retardant fiber development, improve the performance of flame retardant is an important way to develop new flame-retardant fiber. Like the flame retardant fabric industry, the important flame retardant fiber Nomex (Nomex), a meta-aramid, also known as aramid 1313. Fiber is different, its performance will be different manifestations. At home and abroad major organizations on the research and exploration of flame retardant fiber can be described as in full swing. So the development of new flame retardant fiber added to the development of flame retardant fabric has been committed to the study.

There are some flame-retardant fabric is made through different combinations of different fibers, such as CVC flame retardant fabrics, bluetooth acrylic flame retardant fabrics. These products usually have two or more fibers. Different combinations will produce different product performance. First in the fiber ratio to improve the product's strong, tear, and then use a special flame-retardant finishing technology to improve the product's color fastness and shrinkage. Greatly improving the performance of flame retardant fabrics.