Comprehensive Introduction Of Ceramic Fireproof Cloth

- Jul 24, 2018-

Our company is a manufacturer specializing in the development, production and sale of fireproof cloth. There are many kinds of fireproof fabrics developed by the company. Next, we will introduce ceramic fireproof fabrics for you.

The ceramic fireproof cloth produced by our company has superior performance and numerous advantages. It is universally recognized that it has good high temperature resistance. Even if working in a high temperature environment for a long time, it will not affect its performance. After the experiment and the actual data, the long-term working environment of the ceramic fireproof cloth can be 1000 C, and the maximum refractoriness is up to 1300 C. It is a very ideal fireproof material.

In addition to superior heat resistance, the product is also a harmless and harmless environmental protection material, with good resistance to melting, and good ability to resist the erosion of nonferrous metals such as aluminum and zinc.

Based on its many advantages, ceramic fireproof cloth has been widely used in various industries. The most common is to be used as fireproof decoration and fire-fighting lining of building materials, heat insulation materials for various kiln and high temperature pipes, safety protection materials such as electric welding, electric furnace and so on.

Generally speaking, ceramic fireproof cloth is a kind of fire protection material with safety and environmental protection. Its application scope is wide, its recognition is high, and it is trustworthy.