Characteristics Of Sound-absorbing Fireproof Cloth

- Mar 22, 2020-

The sound-absorbing fireproof cloth is a kind of high-efficiency sound-absorbing base material (grey cloth), which is used as the backing of carpet, etc. the product characteristics of the sound-absorbing fireproof cloth are: strong wrinkle resistance, heat preservation RCT = 0.022m 2K / w (evo100 so), recyclable. Specification: 160m * 2.1m * 0.4mm, capable of self dyeing or flame retardant treatment. The surface can be printed by digital printing or traditional printing. The fireproof cloth material has isotropy and good dimensional stability after processing or construction. It can be dyed, and then treated with fire-proof treatment (din4102b1) after dyeing. The sound absorption of the sound-absorbing cloth is good. It can fit and compound, can be needled and compound, and can cut edge without burr and chip. Continuous tearing of hand, good long-term strength. 300NT. The material thickness is 0.4mm, and the weight is 100g / m2. We are more concerned about the lighter weight to ensure the economy of fuel and other aspects of use.

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