Characteristics Of High Temperature Air Combustion Technology For Aluminum Foil Material

- Jul 27, 2019-

It is very difficult to dispose the seam of aluminium foil sheet: because the deformation of prefabricated sheet is bound to occur, it is necessary to leave a considerable width at the seam of the sheet and use flexible deformation and waterproof data to insert seams.

Aluminum foil cloth has the advantages of continuous production in factories and dry operation on site. It has solved the problem of cracks in slab joints and has a good application prospect in large-scale popularization.

Aluminum foil cloth

Aluminum foil cloth should be proposed that when prefabricated GRC products are used as lines in the external thermal insulation surface, cracks easily occur at the joints between GRC products and the external thermal insulation wall. The exterior walls of buildings should be painted without dust, oil and unevenness. If necessary, they should be cleaned, cleaned and removed first. Otherwise, the adhesion, thermal insulation and smoothness of sprayed polyurethane rigid foams will be greatly affected. At present, the only commercialized continuous oxide fiber in our country is continuous high silica oxide fiber. It can be made by melting drawing at low temperature at about 1400 C and then removing sodium oxide by acid treatment. However, the crystallization temperature and long-term service temperature of the continuous high temperature resistant fiber are the same. Alumina fibers are low. By using regenerative flue gas waste heat recovery device, alternately switching flue gas and air/gas to flow through the regenerator, the physical heat of high-temperature flue gas can be recovered to the greatest extent, and energy can be saved greatly (general energy saving is 10%-70% to improve the thermal efficiency of thermal equipment, while reducing CO2 emissions (10-70%).

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