Characteristics And Uses Of Fireproof Cloth

- Aug 30, 2018-

Fire retardant cloth is made of flame retardant composite materials, with good high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance and fire protection functions, is a superior fireproof material, its highest temperature resistance can reach 550 degrees - 1100 degrees.

The protective cloth produced by our company has the characteristics of fire prevention, heat preservation, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oil resistance, water resistance and so on. The material without coating is soft and suitable for covering objects.

Fire-proof cloth is widely used in communication cables and electric power, which plays an important role in ensuring the transmission and distribution in stores. Fire-proof cloth produced by Langfang Deqing Fire-proof Sealing Material Co., Ltd. is a new type of fire-proof product used in electric power communication industry. It has its own flame-retardant and fire-proof properties. Performance, non-toxic, tasteless and other characteristics, by the user's consistent pursuit. It is also suitable for fire-prone occasions and metal products welding place to resist spark splash, thus playing a role of isolation, to prevent the occurrence of fire. It is also used for carpet in industrial workshop and interior installation of large sites.

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