Characteristics And Application Of Black Fireproof Cloth

- Dec 20, 2018-

Black fire-proof cloth is made of flame-retardant composite material. It has good functions of high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance and fire protection. It is a kind of high-quality fire-proof material. Its high temperature resistance can reach between 800 degrees and 1600 degrees.

According to the needs of customers, we can produce different specifications of products. Our company mainly produces fireproof cloth with the characteristics of fireproof, heat preservation, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oil resistance and water resistance, while the material without coating is soft and suitable for covering objects.

Fireproof cloth

Black fire-proof cloth is widely used, from space to civilian. The fire-proof cloth produced by Edwin Special Textiles Co., Ltd. is a new type of fire-proof product. It has the characteristics of flame-proof and fire-proof, non-toxic and odorless, and has been praised by users. It is also suitable for fire-prone occasions and welded joints of metal products to resist spark splash, so as to play a role of isolation and prevent the occurrence of fire. It is also used for isolation of industrial workshops and internal use of large places.

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