Causes Of Thermal Insulation Cracking Of Aluminium Foil Wall

- Jun 09, 2019-

Because of the low density of aluminium foil cloth, the cracking of aluminium foil cloth used for external wall insulation is mainly due to the low density of polyphenyl board caused by data factors: the polyphenyl board below 15kg/m3 is used as wall insulation data. Easy to deform, poor impact resistance, resulting in thermal insulation wall cracking. Aging time is not enough: Polyphenyl board should be aged 42 days under natural conditions or 5 days in 60 C steam. In order to catch up with the production schedule, it should go to the construction site. As a result, the dimensional stability of polyphenyl board is not enough. After the insulation system is completed, it will continue to shrink and deform, causing cracking.

Aluminum foil cloth

Because of the advantages of dry operation on site, it is very difficult to handle the seam. Aluminum foil cloth must have a considerable width at the seam because the deformation of prefabricated sheet is bound to occur, and the materials with good flexibility, deformation and waterproofness should be used to insert seams. This kind of product can be produced continuously in the factory. After solving the problem of cracks in slab joints, it should be pointed out that when prefabricated GRC products are used as lines in external thermal insulation surface layer, cracks easily occur at the joints of GRC products and the joints between GRC products and external thermal insulation wall surface.

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