Can The Cloth Be Fireproof?

- Jun 10, 2018-

Cloth is something we often see. Why do people say that they are not fireproof? You must not understand the mistake. These fireproof cloth are not simply the kind of cloth that we are familiar with, but are specially treated fireproof cloth, so why can it be fireproof? Let's explore this problem together.

Fireproof cloth is a kind of protective fabric. Most of them are fiber cloth of different material, such as silicone coated fiberglass cloth. This type of fireproof cloth is made of glass fiber cloth that can withstand high temperature and has significant anticorrosion effect. The insulation performance of this product is very obvious. With long service life, it is very widely used in those industries which need anticorrosion treatment or electrical insulation.

The fire resistance of this kind of fireproof cloth is very popular, so it will be seen in some places where the fire prevention is needed, and the common use of the fire curtain is the application of the fire curtain.

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