Automatic Tool Change Process Of Aluminum Foil Fabric Equipment

- Jun 16, 2019-

Aluminum foil cloth knife sleeve with knife upward turn 90 degrees, 6 knife sleeve upward turn 90 degrees. Prepare for the next knife selection. In order to ensure the solid and reliable connection between curtain wall and main structure, the embedded parts of curtain wall and main structure should be constructed in the main structure. According to the quantity, location and method of design requirements, the burial is carried out. The elevation deviation of buried parts should not be greater than 10 mm or less than 20 mm. If the construction unit has special requirements for fixing and connecting parts of curtain wall, or if the above deviation requirements are different, it should put forward written requirements or provide buried parts drawings, samples, etc. to indicate requirements to the design unit in the main structure construction drawings. The proposal of fire-proof isolation zone has further enriched and improved the development of the insulation system. The system has the advantages of fast construction speed, low construction interest and the best thermal insulation performance of external wall.

Aluminum foil cloth

Aluminum foil equipment tool in the tool library device direction and the spindle vertical, knife sleeve down 90 degrees. The tool base of the machine tool is located on the left side of the column. Before tool changing, the tool holder rotates to transfer the tool to the tool changing position, and then the tool sleeve with the tool is turned down 90 degrees, so that the tool axis is parallel to the spindle axis. Exchange position between spindle tool and tool library tool. The tool loosened. The manipulator grasps the spindle tool and rotates counterclockwise 180 degrees. Insert the tool into the spindle taper hole and the tool sleeve respectively. Aluminum foil cloth manipulator cutter. The manipulator rises. The manipulator has no movement. Tool clamping. The cutter is inserted into the hydraulic cylinder reset of the manipulator turning counter-clockwise 180 degrees. The manipulator reverses 75 degrees and the manipulator reverses 75 degrees. Back to the original position.

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