Aramid Flame Retardant Fabric Special Clothing Features

- Aug 14, 2017-

Aromatic (Nomex) fiber is a synthetic fiber in the aromatic fiber, with high breaking strength, elongation, soft, high temperature does not soften, not melting, only carbonization, combustion, low concentration of smoke and low heat. Therefore, aramid fabric has good mechanical properties, excellent high temperature and fire retardant properties, and resistant to washing, aramid fabric after repeated washing its flame retardant performance is still good, and have good dimensional stability and suitability The

Aramid flame retardant fabrics are mainly used in the production of bulletproof suits, flight suits, fire suits and other special clothing, and more suitable for steel industry, oil industry, automobile industry and other uniforms.

1, aramid flame retardant raw material performance characteristics of the main physical parameters of long aramid fiber: length 51mm, fineness 1.67dtex, breaking strength 4.3cN / dtex, moisture regain of 6.5%.

2, aramid fabric specifications and process

Ingredients: warp and weft are 100% aramid yarn.

The flame-retardant fabric from the selection of raw materials, the implementation of the program and semi-finished product quality control procedures such as strict control, optimize the process parameters to solve the aramid flame retardant fiber in the spinning, weaving process technical problems. The flame resistance of LOI is 33, the length of carbonization is 55mm, the time is 0, the flame retardant time is 0. 9s and so on. All the flame-retardant test indexes meet the requirements of GB17591- 1998 flame-retardant fabric. Flame retardant fabric permanent flame retardant effect is obvious, fabric strong, soft and comfortable, after repeated washing does not affect the flame retardant effect.