Application Of Para Aramid Fiber Cloth In Reinforcement Project

- May 08, 2020-

Aramid fiber is a new type of high-tech synthetic fiber with excellent properties such as high strength, high modulus, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and light weight. Its tensile strength is 5-6 times that of steel wire, and its weight is only about 1/5 of that of steel wire. It will not decompose or melt at 560 ℃. It has good insulation and anti-aging properties and long service life. The discovery of aramid fiber is considered to be a very important historical process in the field of materials. Aramid fiber is also widely used in the field of reinforcement.

Carbon fiber cloth has certain advantages over aramid fiber cloth in tensile strength and elastic modulus, but the toughness and insulation of aramid fiber cloth is unmatched by carbon fiber cloth. Therefore, in some cases, such as seismic reinforcement and bending of living environment, shear reinforcement of aramid fiber cloth has unparalleled advantages. Kabangfang Lunbu has also been used in some practical cases such as Beijing Hongling Jinqiao and Beijing Metro Line 1 Xidan Station, and has achieved good results.

The conventional specifications of aramid fiber are only 280g / ㎡, 415G / ㎡, 623g / ㎡, 830g / ㎡. If there are special requirements, it can also be customized. The construction process of aramid fiber cloth is exactly the same as carbon fiber cloth.


Although the price of aramid fiber materials in the field of reinforcement is slightly higher than that of carbon fiber, carbon fiber cloth and other materials have some unique characteristics that cannot be replaced, so the research and development of this technology has important engineering application value. With the development of research on aramid composite materials, increase in output and decrease in cost, aramid composite materials will be widely used in reinforcement projects.

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