Application Of Fireproof Cloth In Building Engineering

- Jul 20, 2018-

In the construction project, one of the measures that must be done is fire protection. There are many fireproof materials, such as fireproof cloth, rock wool board and other fireproof materials, all of which offer their own strength for construction engineering.

Our factory is specializing in the production of fireproof cloth manufacturers, in this industry we have gone through many days and nights, this process has accumulated a lot of experience for us, so that our technology has been further promoted, so that we can produce more excellent products for the effectiveness of the users, let people have a safety. The living environment.

Fire retardant effect is the most significant, and in the condition of burning will not drop toxic substances, ensure the safety of people in the fire accident, if you use this product in the power industry, it can not only fire, but also play a certain insulation effect.

Do you want to have such a versatile fireproof cloth? For the safety of you and your family, please use our fireproof cloth in building construction.