Anti-radiation Film

- Aug 09, 2018-

Anti-radiation film, also known as "radiation protective film", is an advanced defense stealth radiation protection technology. The material is embedded with ultra-fine precision metal mesh to shield the radiation generated by electromagnetic waves. It can absorb the electromagnetic radiation waves which is harmful to the human body, or convert it into Low voltage, grounded export.


According to the communication measurement center of the Ministry of Information Industry and third-party laboratories, the average effective shielding can shield more than 95% of the radiation waves, and some can reach more than 98%. At present, Daqin Invisible Protection Net is an effective transparent material used in mobile phone radiation protection.


The strongest radiation from a cell phone is near the antenna section, usually on the upper part of the back of the machine. At the beginning of the call, the radiation can reach its maximum. If you are on a mobile phone, or if the signal is weak, the radiation wave can increase by hundreds of times. Daqin invisible protective net can filter 95% electromagnetic radiation wave. The back shell is protected, and it also has 4H anti-scratch treatment and does not affect the mobile phone signal.


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