Analysis On The Escape Skills Of Fire Blanket

- Jan 27, 2020-

1. The fire blanket shall be fixed or placed on the wall or drawer which is relatively conspicuous and can be taken quickly.

2. If the person is on fire, shake off the blanket, wrap it all around the person on fire to put out the fire source, and quickly call emergency rescue 120.

3. Shake it off gently and hold it in your hand as a shield.

4. At the beginning of the fire, take it out quickly and hold the two black straps with both hands.

5. The fire blanket shall be continuously covered on the object on fire, and measures shall be taken to accumulate and extinguish the fire until the object on fire is completely extinguished.

5. Cover the flame gently and cut off the power or air supply at the same time.

6. After the fire is extinguished and cooled, the blanket is wrapped into a ball and treated as non combustible garbage.

Fire escape: wrap around your body and put on a smoke mask, and leave the fire quickly. The fire blanket can separate the fire and reduce the high temperature of the fire.

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