An Unknown Fireproof Cloth

- Jun 04, 2018-

In recent years, fires in many cities in China have been continuous. The prevention of fire has become one of the most important events in our daily life. When it comes to fireproofing, we have to be wary of fireproof material such as fire cloth, rock wool board, fireproof fiber and fireproof paint. Here, we focus on why it can play a role in the process of fire prevention.

Everyone knows that fireproof cloth is a special type of protective fabric. In general, the fireproof cloth we say is actually the material that prevents the burning of the fabric - the flame retardant cloth, and one kind of flame retardant, such as the glass fiber fireproof cloth.

Glass fiber fireproof cloth has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and burning resistance. Even at the temperature of 800 degrees, it will not burn. It can heat insulation and cover the sparks of spatter, thus preventing the fire. It is usually used in fire, aerospace, chemical and metallurgical industries. Because of its corrosion resistance, soft texture, strong insulation, high strength and easy processing, it is often processed into fireproof curtain, fire door, fire pad and fire blanket and so on.

As a fireproof cloth manufacturer, we produce products with our conscience. We must never cheat. Our products are of high quality and rich in styles. Here we remind you to use fire safely, do a good job in fire prevention, and protect the safety of life and property in time.