Abrasion Resistant Fabric: Nylon Cloth And Oxford Cloth

- Jun 12, 2018-

1. Nylon cloth

Nylon was developed by Carothers, a prominent scientist in the United States, and a team of scientists under his leadership. It is the world's first synthetic fiber. 

The abrasion resistance of nylon fabric ranks first in all kinds of fabrics. It is 10 times higher than that of cotton, 20 times higher than wool, and slightly adding some polyamide fibers to the blended fabric can greatly increase its abrasion resistance effect. Its durability is excellent. The garment made of nylon is suitable for making mountaineering wear, winter clothes, etc.

2. Oxford cloth

Oxford, also known as Oxford spinning. Originated in the United Kingdom, the traditional combed cotton fabric named after the University of Oxford, Oxford cloth began around 1900. The finer combed high-count yarns are used as double warp, and the thicker weft yarns are interweaved with weft-heavy flat tissues. 

The characters of soft color, soft handfeel, good breathability, comfortable to wear, easy to wash and dry, make the oxford cloth suitable for used as shirts, sportswear and pajamas. And the characters of waterproof, good durability and other advantages, also make it suitable for used to make bags.