A Rare Quiet Life

- Jun 28, 2018-

If you have been to the 4S store, you will notice that the sound insulation effect is very good and that both the environment and the service can be said to be first-rate, so do you know how the quiet environment is made? Here we are going to discuss with you.

Since it is the 4S store, it must not leave the car, in order to provide consumers with a better choice of car friendly environment, the related facilities in the shop usually use a certain sound absorption material, like curtains, carpets, decorative cloth and so on in the basic use of sound absorbing fireproof cloth. As the name implies, this material has a good effect of sound absorption and fire protection. In fact, it is also the same. The sound absorption performance of the sound absorbing cloth is excellent. It can be treated again after dyeing. In a certain degree, it can guarantee a good tensile strength. It is a rare material. In addition, fireproof cloth material can also be used in the floor mat, cushion and sound.

In today's noisy world, it is not so easy to have a quiet environment. If you want to make your life more safe and tranquil, choose our sound - absorbing fireproof cloth.

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