A Popular Fireproof Cloth

- Aug 08, 2018-

Fireproof cloth is used in special industry. It is a fireproof cloth made of special material and has flame retardant function. It has a compact structure, no irritation, can protect objects from the fire zone, complete flame retardant and isolated combustion.

The acrylic fire-proof cloth produced by our factory is made of special fire-proof fiber cloth, which can extinguish the fire source and prevent the increase of fire caused by spark splashing. It can be used in the family kitchen, the living room fire extinguishing, even in the hotel situation can be urgently saved, make people escape quickly, cover the flammable and explosive materials around the construction site such as gas cutting, and protect your personal safety.

The fireproof cloth produced by our factory is processed through special process. It is convenient to bind the uneven equipment. Its practicality is liked by the old and new customers. If you want to choose the best fireproof cloth, welcome to our factory. Our factory has many kinds of products, complete models, excellent quality and durable service. Our factory will welcome you with sincere service.

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