A Fireproof Cloth That Is Inseparable From Life

- Jul 10, 2018-

Fireproof fabric, which does not support burning fiber, is made through special production process. It does not support the characteristics of combustion, tight layout and no irritation. It can easily bind objects and equipment with uneven appearance. It can protect the object away from the spark area and completely obstruct the occurrence and spread of the fire.

Fireproof cloth is an important protective equipment for fire safety. If a large supermarket and other public entertainment places fire, it can directly reduce the splash of sparks, protect inflammable and explosive objects, so as to ensure the life safety of people. Its advantages are not inferior to other materials, stable chemical properties, able to withstand acid and alkali corrosion for a long time, its high strength and light quality, not comparable to other materials.

Our factory has various specifications for fireproof cloth, you can choose according to the actual situation. As a fireproof material in building, it can effectively improve the safety factor and prevent the occurrence of fire. Therefore, it is a material that can not be lacking in the fire protection facilities.

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