A Fireproof Cloth That Embodies The Wisdom Of Human Beings

- Jun 26, 2018-

In ancient Chinese language, there are "fire and water", which are irresistible to some natural disasters and show how small people are. But we have invented a lot of high-tech products to resist these natural disasters, showing the great wisdom of our human beings, the fireproof cloth is the outstanding representative of them.

Fireproof cloth is used as a long - used fireproof product in our daily life. For special units, flammable and explosive materials are separated from them and some fires can be destroyed in the bud. It can prevent the occurrence of fire or the effect of blocking when the fire occurs. For it, it will cover the material of easy futures, and can isolate the fire source.

The fireproof cloth in our factory is made of fireproof fibers, which are processed by special technology. The overall layout is compact and the texture is soft. Can bind or cover uneven objects, can fire point or spark area to block, ensure the safe construction of the project.

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