A Few Simple Steps, Let You Relax The Self-made Fireproof Cloth

- Jun 19, 2018-

When there is a fire, keep calm, know the knowledge and tricks to escape the fire, and there is a good fire escape tool. Now we will teach you homemade family fireproof cloth, more hope for the fire escape.

The fire escape is the most important thing is to avoid the body on fire protection, the traditional tools of the body is wet towels, clothes, bedding, practice, and no extra time to prepare these work, so many people will buy a fireproof cloth market has been now Xiaobian teach you a possible period of want or need, homemade fire cloth.

The homemade main tool is alum, aluminum potassium sulfate, which can be bought at grocery stores and drugstores. Alum alum solution, cold water warm water can be prepared in accordance with the proportion of 1:11, and then the prepared cloth is completely soaked in the solution, five minutes after taking out, naturally dry. This is mainly based on the formation of non melted film on the surface after alum treatment, and the isolation of the oxygen during combustion, which improves the fire resistance of the cloth. In order to do a good job in home fire fighting, you can also do the curtains in your home.

A simple fire prevention work can be done in this way in the family, but in industrial or important fire protection situations, we suggest that you choose a high quality fireproof cloth.

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